Solo - Solo XXX is a pornographic tag that is used to describe sexually explicit videos or pictures that feature only one person. This tag is most often used to describe masturbation videos or pictures, but can also be used to describe other types of sexually explicit content that feature only one person.

In the world of pornography, the term solo porn generally refers to any type of self-pleasure content that is created and enjoyed by an individual without any assistance or participation from another person. For some people, this might mean watching pre-recorded videos or reading erotic stories that get them aroused and then masturbating to completion. For others, it might involve live-streaming themselves during intimate solo sessions for the enjoyment of others who are watching. There are endless possibilities when it comes to solo porn, and the beauty of it is that each person can tailor their experience to fit their own personal preferences and desires. Whether you enjoy watching, reading, or creating your own solo porn, there is sure to be something out there that will get you off.

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